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When it comes to selecting your electricity supplier for your business, there’s a lot to consider, and at times it may seem overwhelming trying to decide which provider is right for you. As part of Wilco Electric’s continued commitment to providing our clients with all their energy solutions, we would like to introduce our new program where we can submit your electric bill to over 30 ELECTRIC SUPPLIERS to bid on. With Wilco you are always guaranteed to receive the lowest electric rate possible.

Choose Wilco for:

1.       Experienced Energy Advice: You can now rely on Wilco to help your business navigate the maze of electricity deregulation. Your company will no longer have to guess which electricity supplier offers the best rate in your area.  We will do all the work for you.

2.       Savings Guaranteed: We guarantee you that we will be able to beat your current rate/renewal offer or we will give you a $1,000 Visa Card* for just sending us a copy of your electric bill. (Limited to accounts with over 100,000 annual KWH usage. Wilco guarantees to beat 3rd party suppliers’ rates, not default service providers rates. Promotion ends December 31st, 2012)

3.       Complimentary Electric Savings Analysis: Your business will receive a complimentary electric savings analysis tailored around your property’s electricity usage, existing supply contracts (if applicable), and your local distribution company’s default electric rates.  

4.       Fixed Pricing: Your business will receive 12, 24, and 36 month fixed pricing options from over 30 electric suppliers nationwide.


How to Get Started:

Sign a Letter of Authorization (LOA) that allows Wilco to obtain your electricity consumption history from your current supplier. Then email or fax Wilco your LOA with a copy of your current electric bill.  It’s Easy and Fast!


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