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Wilco: Leading You to Green Energy

Green energy starts with identifying your property's largest source of cost-producing energy usage. We'll perform a full lighting system evaluation and audit. We'll use the data and observations of our audit to improve lighting quality, reduce overall electric consumption, and - most importantly - save you money on your energy costs.

We also offer fluorescent lighting recycling - saving the environment from mercury contamination. Together with Wilco Electric Inc, you can do your part to save money and improve the environment with lighting disposal.

Our green energy solutions include:

  • Energy management and consulting
  • Lighting applications and analysis
  • Improve HVAC energy efficiency and control
  • Water heating system evaluation
  • Infrared thermal energy analysis of building envelope, electrical switch gear/panels and motors

Cost-cutting utility rate analysis

Your utility rates will usually vary throughout the year, and they may fluctuate annually depending on your provider. We'll perform a utility rate analysis to determine the most appropriate rate structure for your electric and natural gas utilities. We'll explore peak demand (KW) savings opportunities, and we'll prepare you for electric deregulation so you can shop for electric generation and supply, thanks to 2010 legislation.
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